Vintage Verpackungsdesign – Pediatric Syrup

Verpackungsdesign - Sirup

Wunderschönes vintage Verpackungsdesign für Rediplete – Pediatric Syrup. Es sollten viel mehr Sachen im Leben so aussehen.

Verpackungsdesign - Pediatric Syrup

(Danke Todd Franklin)

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Wood Bonnet Antique No. 7 – Schweizer vintage Holzschrift

Für jeden der genauso verrückt nach vintage ist wie ich: Wood Bonnet Antique No. 7 heißt die neue Schrift des Schriftgestalters Andreas Seidel (astype).

Wood Bonnet Antique No. 7 is based on real vintage wood type blocks from Switzerland. The very distressed letters give a warm analogue vintage charm on printing. These kind of wood type letters were very common and often named by generic names like Roman, French or Antique followed by a catalog number. But these letters have some very quirky details hard to find else were.

The font offers up to four glyph variations of all the Latin base letters, figures and some additional letters. An OpenType glyph-rotator is programmed to emulate the randomness of old school printing on live typing. All dingbats of the specimen file are included in the font data too.” – astype


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